Artist / Actress / Founder

Artist and actress Elif Çatlıoğlu is also the creative founder X House Project.
She was born in 1990 in multi-cultured and well-known city of Istanbul.
She had her first taste ıf art and art education in 2004 at Ataşehir Adıgüzel Fine Arts Private High School. Between the years of 2008 – 2013 she continued her education within the arts at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University within the Art Department. During this time she was the assistant of Mahir Güven. After attending “Lectures in Art” she continued her learning with “Pedagogical Formation” and “Entrepreneurship”. She is currently continuing her education within Plastic & Fine arts department at Yeditepe University.

Alongside her MA studies; Elif has been working, managing and creating her personal works within her own atelier since 2011. The subjects of her paintings consist of  the psychoanalysis and spiritual states of human being. She combines figurative and abstract conceps in her compositions.

She was responsible of the council theatre stage design for the “PAR” play. She also made designs for BEYMEN İstinye and WEPUBLIC stores. In 2015 she founded a brand  named as “X HOUSE”. It is an artists project where she actively organises events or workshops by herself or by leading other artists for boutique brands of large cooperations.

During her childhood she had taken acting lessons and has benefited from these in her acting career.She has been included in many large brands advertisements and is active within social media brandings. Elif continues to take part in many national and international exhibitions and galleries. Her workshop resides in Moda and she openly continues
to arrange many diffrent organizations.